Monday, August 17, 2015

A dream birthday in every way possible

We are home and back from our 'Spiritual Pilgrimage'.

To say it was the best birthday I have ever had is truly an understatement.

Saw them on the 30 and 31st of July

Seeing U2 play at Madison Square Garden over 2 nights was just the most amazing experience and the best way to start ticking off #22 "Go on a global U2 pilgrimage for their next/any tour". 

Although I didn't get to tick # 23. 'Have Bono take me up on stage' or # 24. 'Get U2 to play Love is Blindness at a concert we are at' there were so many other highlights, which were all equally amazing.

Here are the best bits of the 'Pilgrimage':

+ Being at the @atU2 20th anniversary when half of U2 crashed the party
As was said on the night, this was very much a 'once in a lifetime experience'. Having The Edge and Adam gatecrash the party and play 2 songs just for us was mind blowing. I am sure everyone at the party are still thinking to themselves 'Did that really happen?".

Source U2's instagram page

+ Seeing Paul Simon and Bruce Springsteen sing with U2
Paul Simon performing "Mother and Child Reunion"with U2 on the first night and Bruce Springsteen singing 'I still haven't found what I am looking for' and 'Stand by Me' on the 2nd night will stay with me for a very long time.

Bono and Paul Simon

+ Sharing Champagne with Bono for my Birthday
As it was the last night of the North American leg of the ieTour, Bono sang 'Party Girl' and shared Champagne with the Brazilian 'young village people' who were standing with us. As they knew it was my birthday that night, I also got to have the champagne with them. We were so so lucky! 
The Australian flag highlighted crudely in yellow is me
Photo by @KevinS2U

+ Doing it all with this guy
When I first started dating 'husband' some of his friends thought I was using him for the U2 'PopMart' tickets. Some might say I am still using him? Jokes aside, its been nearly 18 years and we are still going to U2 concerts together... and I wouldn't want to do it with anyone else.

Next on the agenda is to scheme up a plan to continue the U2 pilgrimage next year...


  1. Hi,

    Nice words you have shared in "DREAM BIRTHDAY IN EVERY WAY POSSIBLE".Looking forward for next words.


  2. Sara, this is so great. I only wish I could have met you both - I was literally feet away from you, as I took the photo with the champagne during Party Girl. I hope have another opportunity, and so happy that you celebrated with the U2 tribe for your birthday!

    1. Thanks Kevin! Oh and thanks for the photo! I did try to work out who took it
      Hopefully i will see you soon on another leg - I just have to save up a bit more now


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