The Life List

My Life List... a Work In Progress

Note: I want to get to 100, but so far this is what I have come up with.
  1. The list is in no particular order
    1. Create a blog of 'My Life List' and regularly update it (and hopefully more than little old me reads it) DONE... I just now need to make it look much better than it does currently
    2. Explore more Greek Islands. Go back to Santorini and see the sun set again. Go back to Naxos and have lunch and dinner at Kontos, Mikri Vigla (many times) Explained
    3. Live in Italy for 6 months (preferably near Tuscany/Siena)
    4. Visit Positano/Amalfi Coast
    5. Go on a safari in Africa
    6. Take my husband to Bangkok and show him why I love it
    7. Go see the Formula1 in Melbourne DONE
    8. Go see the Formula1 in Monte Carlo
    9. Visit the Taj Mahal
    10. Go see Japan in Cherry Blossoms season
    11. Renovate a terrace in the inner west of Sydney Explained
    12. Create a blog about said renovations
    13. Have my current home/renovated home appear on Apartment Therapy/deecor8/or similar
    14. Publish my city travel guides for my friends (so far I have New York, Bali, Bangkok)
    15. Help my husband write and publish ‘Sir Drinks-a-lot’ children’s book (hopefully it's as big as Harry Potter!)
    16. Learn how to take great photographs
    17. Escape to the country (when I am over living in the city)
    18. Set up a greenhouse in the back yard to grow phalaenopsis orchids Explained
    19. Grow a veggie patch/orchard in back yard A start
    20. Live in a house with a conservatory
    21. Retire and open up a Bed and Breakfast (preferably in the country)
    22. Go on a global U2 pilgrimage for their next/any tour Explained Started
    23. Have Bono take me up on stage (might as well dream BIG) Explained
    24. Get U2 to play Love is Blindness at a concert we are at Explained
    25. Put together my family tree (the Italian side)
    26. Get to my ideal weight and stay there (10kg less than what I am currently) 
    27. Be completely debt-free (mortgage included)
    28. Celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary
    29. Have a wall to ceiling  library in my house with a rolling ladder
    30. Choose a good cookbook and cook every recipe in it
    31. Learn how to bake cakes (and not blame the oven) Explained Started
    32. Renew our wedding vows in Las Vegas (Elvis style) Explained DONE
    33. Buy a real Eames/Hand Wegner piece of furniture Explained Sorta DONE
    34. Visit/snorkel over the Great Barrier Reef/Helicopter over the love heart island
    35. Climb the Great Wall of China
    36. Take a road trip through the South of France
    37. Take a road trip through California and visit the Joshua Tree National Park, Palm Springs, San Francisco just to name a few DONE... but we are so going back
    38. Do a floristry course and add more flowers to my life Explained
    39. Watch the 100 Movies to See Before You Die
    40. Read Top 100 Books Of All Time
    41. See a real Banksy on the street Explained
    42. Go to the Carnival in Brazil
    43. Live and work overseas for a year (plan for 2012 is New York) Currently doing in Wellington, New Zealand and been here for over 3 years
    44. Decide whether or not we want to start a family
    45. Show people the amazing things about Sydney, Australia Ongoing 
      Show people the amazing things about Wellington, New Zealand 2013/2014/2015/2016
    46. Pay off my credit cards in full and manage my funds a lot better than I have in the past DONE
    47. Go to Egypt and see the pyramids
    48. Write a letter to Mrs. Kahler (my school careers advisor) DONE
    49. Go to Disneyland 
    50. Sing Karaoke in front of a crowd
    51. Eat much better (ie. less sugar, carbs and chicken and more fish and red meat)
    52. Wear Lipstick over consecutive days (preferably a shade of red)
    53. Master my mother's eggplant Parmigiana
    54. Master all my mum's Italian recipes Ongoing
    55. Try absinthe DONE
    56. Buy a real Norman Lindsay artwork
    57. Make up for a regret and buy that Marc Chagall print Explained DONE
    58. Perfect my spoken Italian
    59. Experience a white Christmas
    60. Try not to judge people too early
    61. Be more tidy and organized (may have slight hoarder tendencies)
    62. Visit all the wine regions of Australia (the Hunter Valley has been done to death)
    63. Live more sustainably (stop throwing food out)
    64. Learn to stress less over unnecessary things (and consequently save on massage/physiotherapy bills)
    65. Become more organized and stop focusing on doing the fun things first
    66. See the emperor penguins in Antarctica
    67. Get a tattoo Explained
    68. Become someone that regularly exercises 
      Started - seeing a PT twice a week
    69. Find the perfect 'little black dress' Explained
    70. Skinny Dip
    71. Go back to Central Park in NYC and see the Alice in Wonderland statue DONE
    72. Eat a pizza in Naples
    73. Buy an antique worthy of the 'Antiques Roadshow'
    74. Go to the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles Explained  DONE
    75. Go back to Paris
    76. Go back to the Getty museum in Los Angeles Explained  DONE
    77. Learn how to put a full face of make up on
    78. Live in a house with Gargoyles
    79. Find the perfect Fajitas
    80. Visit Morocco
    81. Search for the perfect Margarita Adventure commenced
    82. Donate blood regularly Started
    83. Read all the books on my bookshelf Started
    84. See Bill Cunningham at work/on his bike in NYC Alas I have to remove this from the list as Bill passed away in June 2016
    85. Finish the cross stitch project (that I have been working on for the last 15 years) Explained
    86. Be able to afford a pair of authentic designer shoes and/or hand bag
    87. Own an original Fabergé egg
    88. Stay a night at the Oriental Hotel in Bangkok
    89. Visit the Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg, Russia
    90. Live in a house with a Jacaranda tree
    91. Take a tour of the Eames House
    92. Hear Bono sing live the 'Shine like Stars' coda in With or Without You
    93. Go to Palm Springs and attend Modernism Week

    96. Accept myself for who I am


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