Saturday, May 19, 2012

#85: Finish the Cross Stitch I started many years ago

This is an embarrassing Life List challenge to admit, for many obvious reasons.

I went to an all girls Catholic High School and in Year 7 we were all made to do 'Textiles and Design', like good little future housewives.

I was crap at sewing and all other things we were taught, but for some reason I really liked and was good at cross stitching.

Not something many people know about me and I probably would never have admitted to, but it is on the Life List and this blog is all about 'full disclosure'.

I have been working on this embroidery for more than 10 years now and for some reason or another, I haven't looked at it in about 3 years.

It is my own design, and the plan was to make a table runner. When I rediscovered it a few weeks ago, I couldn't help but laugh at the colours I choose. As I have said previously, I really am obsessed with that colour blue!

I always wanted to finish it, and for this reason I reluctantly put it on the Life List. Can't I pick more glamorous things for the Life List?

Looking at it again, I am not sure the butterfly works. I might get rid of that and keep it to the scarab design and just keep going.

Given my past achievement, I am sure in about 10 year's time I will have the finished work to show you!

But it is on the List, so I need to do it!


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