Monday, July 20, 2015

I'm going a 'spiritual' pilgrimage

I created this blog as a way of making myself accountable to the things I had put on my Life List. It is a place that I can tick things off the Life List I created and write about them. I had big visions for this blog, but life got in the way and I became content with this blog just being there in the background, subtly reminding me to keep on doing things I love and tick things off my list.

So far I have been slowly getting things ticked off. But  in the next few weeks, I will hopefully accomplish a few big things off my list.

On Friday we leave to start our big U2/Birthday adventure and hopefully get #22, 23 and 24 off my list!
# 22. Go on a global U2 pilgrimage for their next/any tour 
# 23. Have Bono take me up on stage (might as well dream BIG) 
# 24. Get U2 to play Love is Blindness at a concert we are at

'Love is Blindness' from ZooTV Sydney.

As I have said before, husband and I are big U2 nuts. We met many many years ago because he had tickets to the U2 Pop Mart concert. And after 18 years, we are still seeing U2 concerts together.

Embarking on the U2 pilgrimage came about very suddenly about 2 months ago. We saw that there were tickets still available to the very last U2 concert at Madison Square Gardens in New York (which also happens to be my birthday). We then found very cheap flights to New York. So in the spirit of YOLO (you only live once) and my Life List we took the plunge and booked.


This trip has also made me take the plunge and start the challenge to tick #26 off the list - "Get to my ideal weight and stay there (10kg less than what I am currently)" - because you need to look good for Bono for your birthday don't you?! 
I have been seeing a personal trainer for about 8 weeks now and although I am nowhere near the 10kg mark just yet, I am feeling more toned and less chubby. I have a lot more to go, but I am happy I have finally started working on this goal.

The other items that will hopefully be ticked off are:
#81. Search for the perfect Margarita Adventure commenced
#91 Take a tour of the Eames House
#84. See Bill Cunningham at work/on his bike in NYC

I can not wait... Bono here I come! 


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