Wednesday, February 1, 2012

#18. Set up a greenhouse to grow orchids

My dream table centrepiece
I love phalaenopsis orchids

I actually love all types of orchids... I just think the phalaenopsis is just that little bit more special.

I have always dreamed of owning a green house to grow these orchids from scratch.

My wedding bouquet [image Zahara Dessert]

My wedding orchids and the broach I wore on the front of my dress [image Zahara Dessert]

My next house will have a garden bigger than what we have currently. Hopefully we will be able to build a small greenhouse at the back of this garden, where I can nurture and grow my orchids.

Nothing too fancy, just somewhere where I can potter around and make these beautiful things grow.

Some inspiration for my greenhouse...

Oh my... this is so pretty!

This place looks like it is very much loved

It is on THE LIST, so I need to work out a way of making this greenhouse a reality


  1. I love phalaenopsis orchids too but alas they weren't available when we got married. Your dress and bouquet are gorgeous!

    1. Thanks Lorraine. Big fan of NQN, thanks for supporting my very new & little blog


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