Tuesday, July 15, 2014

River Cottage Wellington

Ever since we moved into our Wellington home, we have wanted to tick  #19 and #63 off the Life List: Grow a veggie patch/orchard in back yard and Live more sustainably.

In Australia, our house had a tiny paved courtyard where you really could only grow potted herbs and nothing much more. We did however manage to get some tomatoes growing one Summer.

'River Cottage Wellington' Summer Harvest - 2013/2014
However here in Wellington, our home has a proper (although small) back yard.

So this past Summer,  inspired by River Cottage Australia and Miss Piggy's Balcony Garden we decided to make it happen and get our organic Veggie garden in working order, which I have unofficially called 'River Cottage Wellington'.

As you can see we have had a good little harvest, producing tons of strawberries, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, beetroot and rocket... and this was just the harvest in the back garden! 

The back veggie patch
My husband then decided to create a veggie garden in the front of the house, where we added pumpkin, beans, eggplant, capsicum and more carrots. However it wasn't as successful as the garden in the back and it is currently being reconsidered.

Now that it is Winter, the harvest has dwindled. But we still have an abundant supply of Rocket (Arugula), which means we haven't needed to buy Rocket in months.

Beans in the front garden
I love ticking things off the Life List.

I can't wait to bring River Cottage Wellington back for Spring/Summer 2014/2015...


  1. I'm honoured to be (part of) your gardening inspiration...such a great harvest you have here. I've given up my balcony garden...it really is such hard work on the balcony for a bunch of reasons and I think having a backyard plot would be SO much better/easier!

    1. Thanks lovely. It is hard work in the garden also, but well worth it. Although at the moment, Winter isn't giving us much garden love

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