Sunday, June 1, 2014

The American Dream Realised

As I mentioned way back in April, the year 2013 was going to be the year that quite a few Life List items would be ticked off.

And we did.

Last year we flew out to American to have a 3 week adventure. The trip was planned around LL point #32: 'Renewing our vows, Elvis style'.

So here are the 7 items I ticked off my Life List

32. Renew our wedding vows in Las Vegas (Elvis style) DONE 

Re-Married on the 31st of May 2013, Las Vegas Nevada
33. Buy a real Eames/Hand Wegner piece of furniture Explained Sorta DONE. 

Husband bought me for my birthday an Eames House Bird. OK so it isn't a piece of furniture, but it will do for now

35. Take a road trip through California and visit the Joshua Tree National Park, Palm Springs and San Francisco DONE

We had to do a U2 pilgrimage of sorts

71. Go back to Central Park in NYC and see the Alice in Wonderland statue DONE

We found her

72. Go to the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles  DONE

Loved the planetarium

74. Go back to the Getty museum in Los Angeles DONE

This is really one of my most favourite 'Happy Places'

79. Search for the perfect Margarita (or at least go back to Spice Market in New York and have some more of those heavenly Ginger Margaritas) DONE

Our perfect Margarita
Things we tried to do but didn't manage to tick off...

82. See Bill Cunningham at work/on his bike in NYC (one can only hope) Tried, but we didn't see him
84. Be able to afford a pair of authentic designer shoes and/or hand bag (I need some glam shoes for #32!) We tried, but given we just bought a 2nd house the week before we left for the US, we thought the money could be better spend

I love ticking things off my Life List!

All photos by Zahara Dessert


  1. The blogging is going really well for you Sara. So pleased to find a kindred blogging spirit! I love your Life List concept - how cool to get remarried Elvis style, and I so want to see that Alice in Wonderland statue - one day! Of course if I can help with LL no.13, you have only to ask! Amanda x

    1. Thanks so much Amanda for the blog love. When I get my act together, I might give you a call to help style my home!


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