Saturday, August 18, 2012

#16: Learn to take great photos

I have always loved taking photos, especially when I am travelling.

Taken at Wellington Botanic Gardens, July, 2012
However I have never really understood how to take photos properly. I think I know what looks good, but I never know how the photo can be improved. 

So that is why #16 on the Life List is 'Learn how to take great photos'.

It is also on the list because I am always inspired by blogs that use great photos to tell a story. sfgirlbybay, decor8blog and piajanebijkerk are ones that always use stunning photos.

When I attended the recent Nuffnang Blogopolis I took the class 'Blog Photography 101' which was taught by the lovely Rachel Devine. She gave us some great pointers and her book  Beyond Snapshots is really worth a purchase.

I have been trying out some new tweaks and filters to some photos using Pixlr-o-matic and Picmonkey, which are fantastic tools to add effects to your photos. I am also working my way through 'Beyond Snapshots' and hope I can put their advise in practice.

I am still learning, however hopefully my photos will start improving...

[Image by Zahara Dessert]


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