Thursday, February 23, 2012

#43. "I left my ♥ in NYC"...otherwise known as live/work overseas

New York, December 2011 [image by Zahara Dessert]
I have always loved to travel and I have been very fortunate to visit many beautiful and wonderful countries over the years. However it has always been as a holiday.

I have never lived overseas *.

I have never participated in the Australian tradition of living in London. To be honest... I have also never backpacked. gasp!

I finished my university degree when I was 22 and started working very soon after. It has now been over 10 years and I just haven't had the opportunity to work in another country for one reason or another.

However I am working on changing this.

Late last year we visited New York for the very first time and we absolutely adored it. NYC was fun and exciting and it seemed to have a very different vibe to anywhere else we have been. We felt so much at home there and we believe that we could live in New York in an instant.

Seeing that #43 on my life list is 'Live and work overseas for a year', I think we have found the perfect destination.

I am in the process of seeing how realistically this is going to work, but hopefully very soon we will be living in our very own brownstone in Brooklyn (well you have to think positive don't you?).

Our happy snaps... New York, December 2011 [Images by Zahara Dessert]
This post by Made My Girl made me feel really good about wanting to move to NYC. At the moment I am living vicariously through Jen's move.

*I do not count the 3 months I lived in Italy with my family when I was 11.


  1. I just love these snaps of yours. NYC is such a wonderful city, so full of life and energy!

    1. I know I just loved it!
      But alas I can't take all the photo credit for this post, I stole them from my husband's instagram link

  2. Hi Sara,

    I live in Brooklyn (Park Slope) and my husband and I have been day-dreaming about a year in Sydney. (I saw your post on Door Sixteen . . . ). Maybe we should talk!

    Sara in Brooklyn (sara_danielsen at yahoo dot com)


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