Thursday, January 19, 2012

#57. Make up for a regret and buy that Marc Chagall print

I used to work in Circular Quay, which is right next to the Sydney Opera House. 

Marc Chagall's 'Angel' - original colour lithograph

Often in my lunch break I would walk down to the Opera House and take in the views. On my way down I would walk past the art gallery Collins and Kent and 'window shop'.

One day I noticed they were having a closing down sale, as they were moving to new premises in the city.

I just had to have something!

I fell in love with the a work by Marc Chagall called 'Angel', it was an original colour lithograph from the 60's. I was about to purchase it, but my head got the better of me and I decided that it was more money than I could afford at the time.

I have always regretted that decision.

So when I have paid off my credit card and other debts and have enough money saved (#46 on LL)
I will purchase it and make up for my decision.

I already know exactly where I will put it!


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