Saturday, January 12, 2013

A last minute Life List (things to do before we leave Sydney)

Bathers Pavilion, Balmoral, Sydney
As you know we are off to Middle Earth to live for a year and start our new 2013 Life List adventures.

But before we leave Sydney, I want to do things that I had been planning to do for AGES but wasn't able to.

So here is my 'Sydney Last Minute Life List' (must be completed by mid February):
I know its only a year that we will be away for, however I know that these are the things I will crave and make me very Home Sick.

I will also have to change my Life List item #45 and change it from 'discovering the amazing things about Sydney' to 'discovering the amazing things about Wellington'.

[all images by husband]
Balmoral Beach, Sydney


  1. Sounds like the perfect summer "to do" list...and I found a recipe on line for BSB pork & fennel sausage rolls...they were so tasty. You can make em in Wellywood.

    1. Thanks for the tip... I will definitely be making them from home!


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