Sunday, January 20, 2013

Guest Post: 52 suburbs around the world, Te Aro

In honor of our impending move to Wellington, I thought I would share with you Louise Hawson's truly stunning photographic journey of Te Aro, Wellington, as part of her series 52 Suburbs Around the World.

It's strange, the minute we announced that we were moving to Wellington, blog posts about Wellington have popped up all over the place, helping me feel less anxious about the move and more comfortable about getting out of my comfort zone.

But I am NOT looking forward to the cold and the famous crazy winds of Wellington. You can never get used to that. 

Louise's did an amazing job capturing the true essence and beauty of Wellington that I love and that you can only find by ditching the guide books and exploring the town yourself.

Louise's photos have made me look forward to the great coffee on Cuba Street, but Miss Piggy's Wellington posts have made me hanker for the amazing produce and cafes that it also has to offer.


Thanks again Louise for helping me really realise what a truly stunning place I am moving too (even if [hopefully] it isn't a permanent move).

All photos by permission of  Louise Hawson from


  1. Aww, thanks for the mention in your blog post! Louise has a photo of El Matador here and it's one of the yummiest meals we had in Wellywood - we left stinking of woodfire but who cares as it was crazy delicious. Post coming soon! And I'm so jealous of your big's such a lovely town.

    1. Your welcome! El Matador is def on the list (along with so many others).


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