Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Artist Profile: Russell Young

In my recent post about Kanye's LA house, I saw a print by Russell Young that I loved.

Kanye West's office with the Russell Young silkscreen of Marilyn in the background

The artwork - Marilyn in Korea, 1954 [image by Russell Young]
  So I thought I would look more into the artist and his works.

Below are my favourite images from the Russell Young portfolio

[image by Russell Young]

How young and carefree does Jackie O look? [image by Russell Young]

[image by Russell Young]

[image by Russell Young]

[image by Russell Young]

Russell became well known after he photographed George Michael for his album sleeve for Faith.

George Michael's 1987 album 'Faith'
Since then he has become a prolific artist, with sold out shows and is sought after by many art collectors as well as a large celebrity following.
I would love to have the below artwork of Elizabeth Taylor.

However given the Marilyn silkscreen that is featured in Kanye's office is 'Price on Application' and Russell recently just set a new world record for his sale of a crying Marilyn, I might need to save up for it a bit more.

Elizabeth Taylor from a scene in Cat on Hot Tin Roof [image by Russell Young]
 For more of Russell's work go to


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