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#45. Discover Sydney - Restaurant Review: Bar Italia

Life List #45 - Show people the amazing things about Sydney
One of my favourite Italian restaurants

[image by Zahara Dessert]
 My family and I have been going to Bar Italia in Leichhardt for as long as I can remember.

It is one of a handful of places that my mother will go to without complaining 'I could have made it better at home' (often this is the honest case).

And now it has become a favourite haunt for my husband and I to have lunch on a weekend.

It is cheap and cheerful and we have never had a bad meal here.

Leichhardt is Sydney's little Italy, located about 10 minutes from the city centre.
Leichhardt used to be authentically Italian, but recently the Italian Nonas have moved out and more boring and stock standard restaurants have moved in.
Local tip: steer clear of the Italian Forum.

Bar Italia has stood its ground and remains one of the most popular places on Norton Street.

It is more a cafe than a restaurant. It has plastic tables and no table cloths. It's counter service and there are rules such as Cash Only and No soy or skimmed milk. The service is friendly and yes (as some reviews have complained) it is not up to the highest standard, but you would not expect that kind of service from somewhere like this.

It also has a nice little courtyard at the back, where you can have your meal under the ivy and flowering Bouganvilla.

The menu is very simple, but the pasta dishes are always delicious.

We are creatures of habit. I had the Fettuccine Amatriciana for the 1000 time and my husband had the Penne Melanzane (Eggplant) for the 2000 time. I sometimes am daring and spice things up and have the Gnocchi with the Napoletana sauce. [image by Zahara Dessert]
The gelato bar is a must visit. The Panacotta gelato is scrumptious, as is the berry sorbet.

The coffee is also VERY good.

If you have any room in your full tummy, I would also recommend the ricotta cannoli for dessert.

The Iced Coffee is to die for [image by Zahara Dessert]
I would advise a visit very soon.

The Bouganvilla in the Bar Italia courtyard [image by Zahara Dessert]

Bar Italia
169-171 Norton St
Leichhardt NSW 2040
Phone (02) 9560 9981

Open Daily 9am-midnight; kitchen closes at 11pm


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