Sunday, January 15, 2012

Artist Profile: Jo Luping Design

Jo Luping Design Ltd

I stumbled across Jo Luping designs when I was waiting for a flight at Auckland Airport.
Jo is a New Zealand artist that uses inspiration from nature to create some amazing pieces.

She has a number of different collections, but I especially adore her ceramics.

On that trip I purchased some tiles that I think are stunning and so unique.

Here is what Jo has to say about the tiles:

“Nature provides the inspiration for my design. Drawing is how I interpret and transform the environment into works of art. I draw from the land to create objects from clay.”

Ceramic tiles are one of the earliest forms of art.
Each piece of ceramic art tells a story and is made with the intention of highlighting an environmental issue. Highlighting the surrounding natural beauty gives us a greater appreciation of our responsibilities as guardians of the land. [Jo Luping]

How the tiles look in my lounge room [image by Zahara Dessert]

My next purchase will be these porcelain vessels.


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