Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Converting our attic into a 3rd bedroom...some inspiration

Our house has 2 bedrooms, however we have a very large attic that could easily be converted into a 3rd master bedroom.

At the moment it is being used as a 'storage' area, but we are seriously considering converting it into our bedroom or the guest bedroom.

This is a photo of our neighbours attic conversion, and the layout we have is very similar.

Our neighbours attic conversion
However this is not a look I am after. I want it to look like a room rather than an attic with a bed in it.

I am looking at something like this:

Some more inspiration came from a post from Making it Lovely
(photos below)

I especially like how how the draws fit below the attic's angled walls.
 The biggest challenge we face is trying to work out where the stairs go. At the moment this is how you enter the attic.

Our attic ladder
However we need to cover this entrance up and add a staircase to the left of the ladder - above the current stairs from the ground floor.
At this stage it looks like we can only install a spiral staircase to the entrance of the attic. But we are still not sure where they will go and how it will look (or be practical). The stairs on the right are strange but may work in our small space? Who knows.

As you can see this is very much a work in progress. I will keep you posted on the progress of our endeavours.

Wish me luck!

Update on this post
Unfortunately after many consultations with builders, we have discovered that we can't actually install a stair case to enter the attic where we want it. So sad, I won't be be able to get my 3rd bedroom. I really wanted a project to work on.

Ohh well...


  1. Had you seen the 1m2 by Eestairs? They have a remarkably small floorspace. We're considering them for a loft.

    1. Unfortunately those stairs are not allowed in Australia. But thanks for the tip anyway


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