Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Merry 2013: Zahara Dessert... 1 year on

The last sunset of 2012, Sydney, Australia
Happy New Year!

New Years Eve was the 1st year anniversary of Zahara Dessert.

I am not really sure how I feel about it.
I had very big plans for this blog when I started.
I knew I wouldn't tick a significant amount of items off the Life List, but I thought I would do more than what I was able to accomplish in 2012.

I just got busy, often I was lazy and think I was a little bit unmotivated.

Also 2012 was a bit of a crazy year for husband and I.
It often gave us lemons, but we embraced this crazy year and did our best to make lemonade.

I have very big plans for 2013.

Come February, I will be able to to tick #41 off the list 'Live and work overseas for a year'. Yeah!

As you know, we were planning for this to be New York, however as things in life often don't go to plan, it looks like our overseas destination will be WELLINGTON, New Zealand.

After losing his job, husband has been offered a years contract working in Wellington. An amazing opportunity for him as it means he will be able to continue to do what he loves and work on films that inspire him.

OK so not as glamorous as New York, but we still will be moving to another country for a year and exploring the wonderful things that Wellington has to offer.

As I have said before, I really like Wellington. It is a funky little town and I am really looking forward to spending a lot more time in New Zealand.

The move to New Zealand also means that I will be leaving my full time job after nearly 5 years and taking on a small part time role in Wellington. The upside to this is that I will be able to spend a lot more time writing on the blog and taking everyone on more 'Zahara Dessert' adventures. Which I am very much looking forward too.

I know 2013 will also be a year where I will be able to tick more things off the List, as we will be going to America on holidays, armed with my list. So again I am very excited about these and all the other opportunities we have to tick off the Life List.

Happy New Year!
Here is what I am planning on ticking off the List:

11. Have my current home/renovated home appear on Apartment Therapy/deecor8/or similar - I can't wait to find a new home and having a blank canvas to decorate and fill it with our treasures.
14. Learn how to take great photographs - New Zealand is very photo worthy
16. Set up a greenhouse in the back yard to grow phalaenopsis orchids - NZ will be ideal for this
17. Grow a veggie patch/orchard in back yard - So looking forward to a house with a real yard and garden
24. Get to my ideal weight and stay there (10kg less than what I am currently) - this is going to happen in 2013 (I need to look hot for my new wedding dress - see #30)
25. Be completely debt-free (mortgage included) - given we now only have 1 and a half pays, a mortgage and a rental, I need to focus on this for 2013.
28. Choose a good cookbook and cook every recipe in it - no excuses not to do this
29. Learn how to bake cakes (and not blame the oven) - this will continue
30. Renew our wedding vows in Las Vegas (Elvis style) - Look out! This is happening in May, 2013.
31. Buy a real Eames/Hand Wegner piece of furniture - might as well continue this search
35. Take a road trip through California and visit the Joshua Tree National Park, Palm Springs, San Francisco just to name a few  - this is happening in May/June, 2013
37. Watch the 100 Movies to See Before You Die  - might as well
38. Read Top 100 Books Of All Time - might as well
39. See a real Banksy on the street - the search continues
41, Live and work overseas for a year (plan for 2012 is New York)  - Wellington, New Zealand 2013

44. Pay off my credit cards in full and manage my funds a lot better than I have in the past - see #25
47. Go to Disneyland - hopefully get to do this in May/June, 2013
48. Sing Karaoke in front of a crowd - no time like the present
49. Eat much better (ie. less sugar, carbs and chicken and more fish and red meat) - see #24
50. Wear Lipstick over consecutive days (preferably a shade of red) - I still need to find a shade of red that doesn't make me look like a 'lady of the night'

51. Master my mother's eggplant Parmigiana  - I can't rely on her making this for us at a drop of a hat now that she is 2250kms away (or 1398 miles).
52. Master all my mum's Italian recipes  - see #51
59. Be more tidy and organized (may have slight hoarder tendencies) - This will happen
61. Live more sustainably (stop throwing food out) - I need to focus on this

62. Learn to stress less over unnecessary things (and consequently save on massage/physiotherapy bills)  - This also will be my focus in 2013
63. Become more organized and stop focusing on doing the fun things first  - If I want the blog to happen, this needs to be a priority
65. Get a tattoo  - NZ is the land of tattoos
66. Become someone that regularly exercises  - see #24
67. Find the perfect 'little black dress'  - might as well keep on looking but not until I tick off #24
69. Go back to Central Park in NYC and see the Alice in Wonderland statue  - this is happening in May/June, 2013
71. Buy an antique worthy of the 'Antiques Roadshow'  - am still looking
72. Go to the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles  - this is happening in May/June, 2013
74. Go back to the Getty museum in Los Angeles  - this is happening in May/June, 2013
75. Learn how to put a full face of make up on  - I am getting better at this, but will continue my quest
77. Find the perfect Fajitas  - Either in Wellington or in America
79. Search for the perfect Margarita - Either in Wellington or in America (or at least go back to Spice Market in New York and have some more Ginger Margaritas)
80. Donate blood regularly Started  - I need to now find a blood bank in NZ and start donating

82. See Bill Cunningham at work/on his bike in NYC - hopefully we can see him in May/June, 2013
83. Finish the cross stitch project (that I have been working on for the last 15 years) - might as well do this while I have time to kill
84. Be able to afford a pair of authentic designer shoes and/or hand bag - Jimmy Choo, Manolo Blahnik here I come! I need some glam shoes for #30!

2013 is going to be big and I am so looking forward to it.

Bring it on!

Sydney, I will miss you very much
[all images by Zahara Dessert]


  1. I think moving to Wellington sounds FAB! It's not NYC, but it's lovely - you're very lucky! Good luck with your life list for 2013, you've got a bit on there but I agree that seeing Bill Cunningham doing his thing would be RAD!

    1. Thanks Miss Piggy! You are always welcome to come visit us in Wellington and we can eat our way through Cuba St together.

      I know the list is long(ish), but I want to make sure things get ticked off this year! I'll keep you posted on how I go


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