Saturday, September 22, 2012

My Place: Paesanella Cheese Manufacturers

As I mentioned, part of the Life List is 'discovering the amazing things about Sydney', so today I wanted to show you a piece of 'My Place'.

I have been getting my cheese from Paesanella Cheese Manufacturers ever since I realised  a few years ago that this factory was only around the corner.

I knew of it from their store in Haberfield, but I didn't realise until Not Quite Nigella wrote about it on her food tour of my area that they had a factory around the corner.

Paesenella Cheese Manufacturers
Paesanella (which means 'peasant girl from the country'), is a family run company that make fresh cheese in a traditional Italian style using only the highest quality ingredients. Paesenella Cheese has been making cheese in Marrickville for over 50 years and the cheese they make is just superb.

The entrance
All their soft cheeses are made from the the factory next door and the store is open from 6am to 1pm every day (except Saturday).

Fresh ricotta
This is where they serve the fresh ricotta, often it is still warm when they give it to you. The ricotta is to die for! It is hard to stop yourself from eating it straight out the container when you get home.

They also sell other imported hard cheeses that are also great.

Italian Butter!!!!
You can  not believe how excited I was when I discovered they also sell imported Italian butter!

Italian butter is something I crave for often. It is so unlike Australian butter as it much creamier and less salty than the yellow butter they make in Australia.

My cheese and butter bounty
I came out with a great little bounty of butter and cheese.

Now what to do with all this cheese?
Maybe I can make my little balls of cheesy goodness again?
Or maybe make pizza?

Paesanella Cheese
27 Gerald Street, Marrickville,
New South Wales, 2204 Australia
Open 6 days: 6am to 1pm (closed on Saturday).


  1. I'd be the size of 27 houses if I lived next door to this place.

    1. Tell me about it! The ricotta they make is from whole milk and it goes staright to the thighs... but it is sooo worth it!


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