Saturday, September 15, 2012

#69: A sort of 'little black dress' purchase

#69 on my Life List is 'Find the perfect Little Black Dress'.

I have already put together an ode to the LBD and I am constantly on the search.

I saw this dress in Max, a New Zealand store I quite often visit when I am there (which has been quite often recently thanks to 'husband').
Max's essential drape dress
But then I saw this dress and I loved it!
Plus it was on sale - 30% off + Australian exchange rate (so it sort of fits LL #46 'pay off my credit cards).

Max's Climbing Floral Dress
OK it isn't exactly black, but I thought it was half way.

I didn't think it would suit me as it is shorter than what I am used to and I thought it wouldn't fit my wobbly bits. But I tried it on just the same and realised that it covers up my bits and looks quite decent on (if I saw so myself).

What I like the most about this dress is that it is so versatile. It can be a Summer dress but also work in Winter.

So I thought I would put together a mood board with some seasonal inspiration for the Climbing Floral Dress.

1) Ray Ban Wayfarers
2) Mimco Earrings
3) Mimco mesh adjustable bracelet
4) Mimco Molten Envelope Clutch
5) Harry Winston Canary engagement ring - not sure if it is an original Harry Winston
6) Rmk LeeLee heels
7) Tony Bianco Kallista heels
8) napoleon perdis lip gloss

And here is my take on Winter...

1) Pepe Jeans glasses - these are the glasses I wear currently when at work
2) Dream Tiffany engagement ring
3) Mimco Electro Envelope clutch (it's on sale!)
4) Zara Blazer
5) Tony Bianco Ajana suede heels
6) Ninewest Boots
7) Peter Lang Nadine neck plate
8) napoleon perdis lipstick
9) Leona Edmiston Pins

Now I need to figure out how I would wear it with what I already have in my wardrobe currently... as I don't want to buy any more given my credit card issues.


  1. I once found the perfect LBD...but turns out I was actually too fat to wear it. Sigh.


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