Saturday, May 12, 2012

#67. Get a tattoo... explained

I have been wanting to get a tattoo for a very long time.

I even made an appointment once. I spent days psyching myself up for it only to be cancelled by the tattoo parlour on the day. I never made another appointment.

The reason I keep on putting it off is that I keep on seeing REALLY BAD tattoos out there.

I know people have different tastes, and 'each to their own', but when you see a +30cm paw print like this on a man's shoulder... it is NEVER a good look.
And then there are times when you see a tattoo that obviously means something to that person, and it looks beautiful. A colleague of mine has 'Love Life' on her wrist and it really sums her up.

Or then you see an owl tattoo like this, which I think just looks pretty.

I have been thinking about what I would get tattooed for years and I keep on coming back to the same thing - this Leo symbol.

As I have mentioned before, my star sign is Leo, and it sums me up.
The Leo sign
Ambitious, courageous, creative, faithful, generous, honorable, humorous, open-minded, organized, powerful, self-aware, resolute
Arrogant, authoritarian, egocentric, exaggerating, intolerant, jealous -narcissistic, proud, hypersensitive, vain

OK, so I do not embody ALL the strengths/weakness of a Leo... but it does describe me very closely.
I also keep on coming back to Emma's 'Love Life' tattoo.

I have been working on Zahara Dessert and my 'Life List' since January and I am loving every minute of it. Putting the list together and writing about it here on my blog makes me SO happy and fulfilled. I don't care if people don't actually read the blog. I just love and get a kick out of writing it and ticking things off my Life List.

I am now thinking that maybe I should get a tattoo that relates or represents my Life List? 

I had some interim business cards created recently for the Blogopolis conference I am attending and I wanted to put a picture that represents the blog on the cards. For some reason the post I wrote on LL #33: 'Buy an original Eames' is the most viewed post on my blog by A LOT. There must be a reason for this? So I used the Eames bird silhouette on my cards to somehow represent my blog and that post.

Maybe I should get this Eames bird as a tattoo as well? Maybe not?

Zahara Dessert Business Cards. I admit they are not the best designed cards
 in the world, but I was in a rush and this is what I came up with.
They are very much interim cards.

A big decision to make.
I need to bite the bullet and just get it done.

It is on the List!

I will keep you posted on how I go with #67.


  1. i love tattoos on other people, but could never get one personally. i heard once, as a way to see if you'd get sick of the tattoo or not, frame a picture of the piece you're thinking about and leave it by your bed...after a month, see if you're bored with it or not. hope that helps!

    1. That is a great idea, thanks for the tip. I have been carrying a picture of the symbol in my wallet for years and I am still not sick of it, so maybe it is the one? I will keep you posted.


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