Saturday, February 25, 2012

Justifying my replica Eames RAR rocking chair purchase

This is the replica Eames RAR rocking chair I recently purchased.

As I mentioned before, #33 on my Life List is 'buy an original Eames', and I have every intention to replace this chair with an original. However in the meantime I have this fake to work with.

Ever since I purchased it for a bargain price $35, it has been living in our attic, un-loved. One reason for this is because we currently have no place to put it in our house, but the REAL reason is because Husband doesn't appreciate the chair's beauty.

My chair hidden in the dark attic

Therefore I thought I would write this post as defence to my chair, and show people why I think the RAR chair will look great in any room, especially in my house.

The RAR chair (rocking armchair rod base) was designed  in 1948 by Charles and Ray Eames and was the first commercial success of Charles and Ray Eames.

The RAR was first shown at the Museum of Modern Art in 1948, and it has remained as popular as it did in the 40's, now in 2012.

More about the chair can be found here.

How great does this look as part of the living area [image by fourwallsandaroof]

Anna at Door Sixteen has the most amazing style, and her original Eames rocking chair just looks perfect in this room. [image via Door Sixteen]

I love how the RAR chair looks with the plank chair, the lamp just makes it a perfect trilogy [image via designsponge]
[image by decorpad]

[image by carolinet]

[image by studioten25]

[image via apartment therapy]

My dream RAR, I love that colour so much!

Image from japanesetrash

WOW [image by modernprairiegirl ]

I LOVE everything about this room [image by stockholm-vitt]

image via apartment therapy

image via makingitlovely

Look how cute my RAR chair looks in the nursery [image by thebooandtheboy]

How beautiful is this? [image by elizabethannedesigns]
The RAR chair won't be the most practical or comfortable chair you own, but I think it just finishes the room.

Don't You Think?


  1. I love this post! Thanks for sharing! I can't wait to have a home to decorate.
    Also, I will be getting a RAR chair of my own when the time comes.
    Thanks for adding this to my "covet" list.

    Eau de Violet

  2. I love our replica rocker too. I love the idea of getting an original one day too!
    Ronnie xo

  3. I am absolutely obsessed with this chair. Loved the pics. Anna

  4. I love this chair! Actually, I'm about to buy a replica in a few weeks, because there's no way I can afford the real deal... And if I had any doubt about doing it, after seeing these pictures, I want one more than ever!
    x Lonneke

    1. You will love it! Send me some photos of what you do with it

    2. I bought replicas of this chair last year. They are great. I got them for under $300 at a place called Manhattan Home Design. I know they ship to the US and Canada.

  5. Love this EAMES chair - though if my bottom gets any bigger I won't be able to fit in the one at my nieces house.

  6. Where did you find your replica for so cheap? I have wanted one for so long!

    1. There are quite a few stores that sell replicas - I bought mine from Matt Blatt when they were having a seconds sale.

  7. Like white colored rocking armchair. Planning to buy rocking armchair for my daughter.

  8. How big are they in a small living space? I've measured one up but nothing ever fits right in our house....
    Are they as big and bulky as they look? :)

  9. Based on the classic Eames Chair design of the 1950s ergonimically moulded polypropylene seat shell available in 7 bright colours. The seat shell is supported by ash wood legs and black rods with protective plastic glides and as true to the original Eames DSW design as possible.

  10. My replica was purchased from Manhattan Home Design and I have had it 2 years with no problems. It is in my daughters room.

  11. I don't understand how your husband do not like this chair. It fits any environment as you say. For those interested, we have them on sale at the moment.

  12. Is it comfortable?

  13. Hi there,

    I really like your blog! It has helped me improve not only my rooms, but myself as well :) I have already bought two chairs to make my lounge more modern and trendy. I actually spent a lot less money than intended! Found a very good deal on Didn't have to wait long either as the delivery toke only 2 days!

    1. Hi Helen,

      Thank you for your advice, I enjoyed my purchase and they are many lovely chairs and small price.

      Thank you again!



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