Friday, March 2, 2012

Artist Profile: Yolanda El Khouri

I came across Yolanda El Khouri a few years ago when she was showing her works at a stall at Newtown markets.

[Image by Yolanda El Khouri]
I fell in love with this print, so I had to have it. Although mine has more of a green tinge.
[Image by Yolanda El Khouri]
Yolanda studied Illustration and Design at The Design Centre Enmore. Since graduating, she has been working as a freelance illustrator. Her dream is to eventually publish a children's book.

She says in her Etsy profile:
"Working as an illustrator allows me to combine the techniques of fine art and design. My style is unique but versatile, reflecting my interest in ethnic cultures and their architecture, fabrics and patterns. I like to begin with an imaginative concept, which often evolves to take an unexpected spin on the topic, and then combine this with an appropriate illustrative technique".

[Image by Yolanda El Khouri]

You can find Yolanda at various Sydney markets, including the Newtown Art market, Bondi and Surryhills.


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