Monday, March 7, 2016

Zahara Dessert Reimagined

Yesterday was a pretty exciting day.
I bit the bullet and I took my frames to the Shelly Bay Markets to sell.

I haven't spoken before about my new foray into selling my pictures, as it has really only been a pipe dream and I didn't think anyone would want to purchase them. 

Some of my frames

Thanks to everyone who came along and said how much they loved them.

I even managed to sell a photo frame and some of my pictures to some lovely customers...even though it was VERY quiet at the markets as there were many other festivals and fairs happening on that day.

As you know this is my first foray into selling my frames, so please bear with me while I get my Etsy page and get my zaharadessert website up and running.

Please feel free to email me if you are interested in purchasing anything or want some more information

I will also be back at the Shelly Bay Markets both Saturday and Sunday next weekend from 10am to 3pm (12-13 of March) for the Miramar Peninsula Arts Trail

I am still working on the layout and design - but this is what the stall looked like. I had to cover up the lovely Maori art, as it was getting a bit too distracting


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