Saturday, October 27, 2012

A little Blacksheep

I love discovering new little places when you least expect them.

I was killing time waiting for my hairdressing appointment and I stumbled across a cool little wine bar called Black Sheep.

Enjoying a good apple cider... monteiths is always lovely
Blacksheep's cocktail philosophy
I just loved it. It is so much fun discovering amazing things about Sydney when I least expect them.

Next time I go to Blacksheep I am going to try one of their cocktails. They are hand crafted, only use fresh ingredients and house made syrups... it sounds like they will be SOOOOO yummy.

Next time I will go with friends and report back on the cocktails...

Black Sheep

256 King St
NSW 2042
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  1. I've had the witch doctor. it's heaps good.

    near me this place is, they do great rums too

    Jon Prew


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