Saturday, October 6, 2012

#20: Live in a house with a Conservatory

Ever since watching the film Green Card way back in 90's I have always wanted a conservatory in my house.

Whenever I dream about the house I want to have, I always imagine something like Brontë's apartment in New York.

Look at the fountain!

...and the sky light!

Look at the view! Oh I miss New York...
[all images by betweennapsontheporch]

However given I won't be packing up and leaving for New York any time soon (sigh), I think this is the type of conservatory I am thinking of (there are even Orchids in this one!). 

[image by myfrenchcountryhome]
I doubt I am able to add a conservatory to my home at the moment, but hopefully in my next home I will be able to have a Conservatory like this.

That is why it is #20 on the Life List!


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