Friday, August 31, 2012

Let's make lemonade

You never know what life brings you do you? One day it is all plain sailing, the next day something crazy happens

You just need to make the most of the situation

Who knows what the rest of this year will bring?

We could be plodding along or maybe we get to tick #43 off the Life List and move to New York?

Who knows?

I hope it does, as I have at least 10 items on my Life List to tick off

So let's go and make lemonade...


  1. Yes, move to NYC - I need a friend to visit there (you WILL be my friend if you move to NYC). I note one of your life list things is to live in a house with gargoyles. I laughed at that as my hubby has these ugly-arse gargoyles that I've made him hide in the study.

    1. I have a feeling a lot of new friends will pop out of the wood work if we go.

      I love my gargoyles and always have. I bought one for my father for Father’s Day and nearly kept it myself - his name was Albert! You should embrace gargoyles!


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