Friday, August 3, 2012

Gone Fishing... back soon

I am taking a little break from Zahara Dessert... hopefully it isn't a long one.

I have been finding it very difficult recently to find time to complete things off the Life List or be motivated to write posts on the blog.

It is strange. It isn't like I don't have things to write about... I do, I have tons (you should see the note book I carry around, with all my scribbles and notes).

I am just finding it really difficult to find motivation and inspiration.

Maybe it is because I miss husband.
Maybe it is because I am still trying to work out what this this blog thing is all about.
Maybe I need to 'find my voice'.
Maybe I am lazy.
Maybe it is because I am not feeling the love.

Who knows?

But I do know... I still love this little blog and I do love writing on it.

I just need to get my groove back.

See you soon...

All photos by husband


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