Monday, June 4, 2012

What I loved at The Finders Keepers Market

On Saturday, Sydney had the pleasure of hosting The Finders Keepers markets, a design and art markets supporting emerging Australian designers and artists.

It is bi annual event and in Sydney it is held at CarriageWorks in Everleigh.

I love going to these markets and this year I thought I would document my visit as part of Life List #45, 'Discovering the amazing things about Sydney'.

I hope you enjoy the artists I thought were worth mentioning (of which there were many).

Carriage Works is such a great venue and is also home to one of my favourite produce markets The Eveleigh Markets, which was also running on the day of The Finders Keepers, so there were a lot of people, hence why the photos are not the best.

The venue used to be old rail yards and workshops

Ernest Hope = really loved the framed embroideries and cushions
Some ceiling art

Me and Amber = Really adorable one of a kind pieces

Fromage La Rue =  Funky illuminated letters and vintage style wooden letters. Loved these, but I have no clue where they would go in my house.

The Land of Fig = Beautiful hand stitched cards and prints

Kirbee Lawler = Kirbee's illustrations are simply stunning. I think I'll be visiting her online site soon to make some purchases.
Wendy June = Really loved her designs... especially the 'inner beastie'.

Deleted Scene = Such distinctive pieces

Deleted Scene

Marcue = Amazing hand made leather shoes

Gretel Girl = My biggest regret of the day was not buying one of these plates

I want the robot or the dancing bear! I just can't decide

It really is such a stunning space

Emma Leonard = Her illustrations are just gorgeous... and the neon pink in her drawings is so striking

I love this photo... if I do say so myself!

Art of Alberto Santiago = Wow! How amazing are his portraits?

The artist himself

Bonnie Poplar

Andrea Smith = An illustrator and designer who was also asked to illustrate the flyer for the Finders Keepers markets.

Ask Alice = As she says herself, she has Eco-Loving, Tree-Hugging Stationery!

More from Ask Alice

Hardwick & Cesko = Suck beautiful paper cut art, reminding me of the works of Rob Ryan

More from Hardwick  Cesko

Maya Muse = Unique textiles screen printed by hand using natural fibers

Sunday Morning Designs = Adorable collection of illustrated pillowcase and doona covers 

Lino Girl = Lovely limited edition prints, gift cards and ceramics

Some more works from Lino Girl
I hope you enjoyed finding out about some new and very talented artists?

 All images by Zahara Dessert


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