Wednesday, May 2, 2012

145 on 6th

As I mentioned recently, husband and I are seriously considering moving to New York so I can fulfill #43 of my Life List, 'Live Overseas'.

I was looking at Manhattan rentals online and somehow stumbled on a Soho loft that was definitely NOT in our budget. But obviously Google knew that in my dreams I would LOVE something like this.

How stunning is that living room?

It is on 6th Avenue in Soho and according to the real estate agent, is 'the epitome of chic modern living'.  It has 4 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms, and 3 Home Offices. It covers 3500 square foot was created and was the home to a 'world renowned' fashion designer. I wonder who???

Unfortunately the rent is 'just' outside our budget, they are asking for $30,000 a month. That is astronomical!

I love the addition of the Votive Candle Stand in the bedroom. Lovely.
Ohh well, I can always dream!

I even found a Virtual Tour of the loft online...

All images taken from Nest Seekers International


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