Wednesday, April 18, 2012

#15: Get 'Sir Drinks a lot' Published

Dragon and 'Sir-Drinks-a-lot', original characters from the 'Demise of 'Sir-Drinks-a-lot' [image by Zahara Dessert]
I met 'husband' in our first year of University. I was studying Social Research and he was doing Telecommunications Engineering. As I mentioned in a recent post, we met over a joint love of U2.

We both graduated, I went to work for a research agency and husband got a job as a Project Manager at an Engineering company.

I liked my job.

Husband did not.

He loathed it.

As a way of distracting himself from the job he did not like, he enrolled himself into night classes for 3D Animation and Digital Effects. He absolutely loved this course and at the end of it he decided to resign from his well paid Engineering job and enrol into a full time, year long diploma to become a student once again .

He did this and thrived.

He did so well that his final film was awarded the Best Student Film at the The Australian Effects and Animation Festival. The Demise of Sir Drinks-a-lot is the tale of a dragon-slaying Knight with a drinking problem.

'Husband' has now been working as a Visual Effects artist for the last 8 years and is LOVING it. He has worked on quite a lot of great films and commercials, the most recent of which is a highly anticipated film from Ridley Scott.

I think what husband did was very courageous and I have always admired what he did.

Recently our friend was tidying up around the house and stumbled across the DVD of Sir Drinks-a-lot. He showed it to his 3 year old daughter and it was a massive hit. She absolutely loves the film and often watches it over and over again.

I have always thought The Demise of Sir Drinks-a-lot has the potential to be a great children's book. I am constantly pestering husband to do a creative writing course and work on getting it published, but he has been too busy with work to come up with and write an extended story line.

Sir Drinks-a-lot's #1 Fan, Edie
This is why it is on the life list. I really do feel that The Demise of Sir Drinks-a-lot would be a successful children's book. I just need to figure out a way to get husband to work on it.
Here is the film for you to watch.
Footnote: Husband cringes when he watches this now, as the computer graphics is very substandard to what he would produce now.
Despite this, I still love it and it always makes me smile!


I will keep you posted on how he goes with the book.


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