Wednesday, April 4, 2012

#11: Renovate a terrace - inspiration

I thought I would start sharing with you the interior inspirations I have for Life List #11, 'Renovate a terrace in the inner west'.

I saw Kathryn Tyler's beautiful Scandinavian-inspired house when it was featured on Grand Designs and I fell instantly in love.

Kathryn studied Graphic Design at Falmouth College of Arts, but her love of furniture and architecture lead her down the interior design path.

Her Scandinavian inspired home, includes a collection of recycled, reclaimed and refurbished furniture, that work perfectly together.

I have never coveted something so much as I have this book shelf/stair case! How amazing is this?

Something to add to the mood board...

Images taken from ooamouroo


  1. I loved Kathryn's house from the first moment I saw it on Grand Designs as well! I love how clean and minimalist it is, yet still so cosy and full of personality.
    Ronnie xo

  2. I loved this house build too - her style is OMG. I wish I knew how to renovate furniture (and had a parent who would let me build a house in their backyard).


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