Saturday, March 17, 2012

#2: Greek Islands Magic...Santorini

[image by Zahara Dessert]
#2 on my Life List is 'Explore more Greek Islands. Go back to Santorini and see the sun set again. Go back to Naxos and have lunch and dinner at Kontos, Mikri Vigla (many times)'.

Santorini is my Happy Place. It is the place I go to in my head when I want to forget about things.

We visited Greece back in 2010, as part of a European holiday (or as I called it, our '2nd Honeymoon') and I fell instantaneously in love with Santorini... how could you not?

The minute we set foot in Oia, I felt my mouth literally drop, as I had never seen anything as beautiful in my life. (I even thought it was more stunning than Venice and that is a BIG call for me to admit to).
Photos do not do Santorini justice at all.

Ever since we came home to Australia from this European trip, I have been plotting my return to Greece and her Islands.

[image by Zahara Dessert]

[image by Zahara Dessert]

The famous Santorini Sunset. It was amazing every night [image by Zahara Dessert]
I want to go back and see the magical sunsets.

[image by Zahara Dessert]
I want to go back and explore more of the back lanes and passages

[image by Zahara Dessert]

[image by Zahara Dessert]

I want to go on sailing adventures to other islands in the Cyclades and Mediterranean

[image by Zahara Dessert]
I want to sit on my hotel balcony and read a book while watching island life go by.

Somehow we are going to go back there.

I am not sure when, and not sure how... but it is on the list, so we have to go back!

Husband sitting on our balcony overlooking the Caldera [Image by Zahara Dessert]
 We will be is on the Life List

Maybe if the travel gods are looking down on us we might be able to stay at the Perivolas Hotel next time we go!

I can always dream...


  1. Oh my, I have been looking forward to this post and it didn't disappoint! Your snaps are divine! I really hope to visit here one day! :)

    1. Shucks! I am glad you liked - it really was very hard NOT to take a great photo, everything looked like a postcard.
      You MUST visit there soon.


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